The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time -- Part XVII

Just keep your eyes open for more and more examples of tampering with and manipulation of the world temperature record to enhance the "global warming" narrative, and it seems that you will have no problem coming up with an endless supply.  One of the best recent examples comes from Australia.  

Australia is blessed with a small band of sharp-eyed skeptics who have made a mission out of trying to keep their crooked government bureaucrats honest.  Two of the leading lights are Jennifer Marohasy and Joanne Nova.  As Marohasy states in a recent post, "I suffer . . . from a propensity to always check things."  So back in early July, Marohasy was checking on some very cold readings recorded in the mountains of Australia -- readings colder than -10 deg C, which is the same as 14 deg F.  (Remember that July is winter in Australia,)  And she stumbled on the fact that, somewhere along the line, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology had put in place some supposed "quality control" technology in their weather stations that would automatically reject valid low temperature readings as spurious.  As reported by Marohasy on July 5:

[W]hen the weather station at Goulburn recorded -10.4 on Sunday morning – the Bureau’s ‘quality control system’, ‘designed to filter out spurious low or high values’ reset this value to -10.0.  To be clear, the actual measured value of -10.4 was ‘automatically adjusted’ so that it recorded as -10.0 in the key CDO dataset.

Huh?  By the way, if 0.4 deg C does not sound like a lot to you, remember that our temperature overlords regularly declare with the loudest possible megaphone that new world temperature records have been set by amounts well less than 0.1 deg C.

When pressed by Marohasy, the BoM acknowledged that it had installed an automated system that rejected temperatures at that location as spurious whenever they went below -10 deg C, even though temperatures below that level had previously been recorded at that location on multiple occasions.  Here is the text of an email received by Marohasy from the BoM:

The correct minimum temperature for Goulburn on 2 July, 2017 is -10.4 recorded at 6.30am at Goulburn Airport AWS… The Bureau’s quality control system, designed to filter out spurious low or high values was set at -10 minimum for Goulburn which is why the record automatically adjusted.   

Do you think that they would then promptly fix things?  Wrong.  A couple of weeks later, on July 16, Marohasy caught another example of the same thing at a station called Thredbo.  Again, a reading of -10.4 deg C (of which Marohasy took a screen shot that you can see at the link) had been caused to disappear within a couple of days, this time replaced with a new supposed minimum reading for July 2017 0f -9.6 deg C.

Joanne Nova -- who has partnered with Marohasy and others to form a BoM "audit team" -- asked a series of pertinent questions in a July 5 post:

[T]his opens a whole can of worms in so many ways — what are these “limits”, do they apply equally to the high side records, who set them, how long has this being going on, and where are they published? Are the limits on the high temperatures set this close to previously recorded temperatures? How many times have raw records been automatically truncated? 

Now almost a month has passed, and there are no answers coming out of the BoM.  Oh, except for one thing.  In a press release on August 1, the BoM reported July 2017 to be the "warmest" on record in several respects:

  • Record warmth in northern Australia, dry in much of the south
  • Warmest July maximum temperatures on record nationally, and for Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia

I guess it's easy to make each month successively the "warmest" if you get to eliminate all the coldest recorded temperatures from the average.  As usual, their press release contains no mention whatsoever of the controversy over elimination of the coldest temperatures, let alone any explanation of justification for what they are doing.  These people have no shame at all. 

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