Climateers Making Fools Of Themselves

There's a great round-up today on the web site called RealScience (written by Steven Goddard) titled Settled Science Update:  Global Warming Means More Snow, Less Snow, Record Snow And No Snow.

Back in the heyday of the global warming scare, many warmists made the obvious prediction that warming would mean less snow.  Many of them went even further and predicted the disappearance of meaningful snowfall in places like England within not many years.  Then, of course, the last few years have seen above normal and even record snowfall in these very places.  Obviously, that must be caused by global warming too!  If you think I must be kidding, I followed some of the links at Goddard's site to come up with a few of the best quotes.

From Charles Onians in the Independent, March 20, 2000:

Britain's winter ends tomorrow with further indications of a striking environmental change: snow is starting to disappear from our lives. . . . .Global warming, the heating of the atmosphere by increased amounts of industrial gases, is now accepted as a reality by the international community. . . . .  However, the warming is so far manifesting itself more in winters which are less cold than in much hotter summers. According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia, within a few years winter snowfall will become "a very rare and exciting event.  Children just aren't going to know what snow is," he said.

CRU, of course, is not nowhere in the climate wars, but rather home of Hockey Team leader Phil Jones, the CRU temperature series, and the Climategate e-mails.

Well, it seems that recent winters have turned out to be unusually cold and snowy in England and, for that matter, over the Eurasian continent.  To find the explanation, you'll have to go to Clive Cookson in FT Magazine on January 20, 2012, summarizing a recent scholarly article in Environmental Research Letters by lead author Judah Cohen and others.  

The past two decades have seen strong warming during the summer and early autumn over the Arctic, which has caused unprecedented melting of sea ice. The result is more moisture in the atmosphere, which, in turn, results in increased precipitation over the northern Eurasian continent . . .  [A]verage October snow cover over Eurasia – and particularly Siberia – has grown since 1988. . . .  The effect of increased autumn snow cover is to intensify the seasonal cooling of the Eurasian continent and strengthen the area of high pressure that forms over Siberia in the winter. As a result the Arctic Oscillation, the atmospheric pressure pattern in the mid-to-high latitudes, is more likely to be in the “negative phase” that feeds cold polar air across the eastern half of the US and northern Europe.  “In my mind there is no doubt that the globe is getting warmer,” says Judah Cohen, lead author of the paper.

Got that?  Don't you see how obvious it is that warmer temperatures mean more snow, rather than less snow?  I wonder if anybody has told Viner or Jones.  Or for that matter our president, who still doesn't know that the climate campaign has collapsed into foolishness and thinks that he has the power to control the weather by pricing the poor out of the energy market.