Update On Scientists' Letter To EPA

My post on Tuesday announced a letter by some sixty-five top scientists to Scott Pruitt, EPA Administrator, calling on Pruitt to reopen and reconsider the so-called Endangerment Finding relating to CO2 and other "greenhouse gases."  Since Tuesday, I understand that another approximately twenty similarly-qualified scientists have added their signatures to the letter, bringing the total of signatories into the eighties.  I will be posting the names and qualifications of these additional signers as they become available.

We understand that many more scientists would have been pleased to sign the letter had they known about it.  It's not too late!  If you are a scientist with appropriate qualifications, and would like to add your name to this effort, you can do so by sending your name and appropriate information about yourself (in the format used for the other signatories in the letter at this link) to the following email address:  THSResearch@aol.com. 

Many thanks to all who participate!