Christmas Trees In New York

The famous Christmas tree in New York is of course the one at Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan.  But there are some other good Christmas trees around town as well.  Here are a few located in the Downtown area (south of 14th Street).  The first one is on Broad Street, just south of Wall Street.  The building on the left with the row of Corinthian columns is the New York Stock Exchange.  Can you spot the statue of George Washington, standing on the very spot where he took the oath of office in 1789 as the first President of the United States?

Fifth Avenue comes to an end at Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village.  At that spot there is a large triumphal arch designed by the architect Stanford White and built in 1892.  Each year they put a Christmas tree under that arch.  If you view the tree from the south (as here) you can see the Empire State Building in the distance, about a mile and a half away.  It is lit up in red and green colors for the Christmas holiday.

Over in the West Village at Abingdon Square Park, we have a more modest Christmas tree in our little corner of greenery.  In this view, looking south, you can see the new One World Trade Center to the right of the tree. 



Merry Christmas to all!