Catching Up With The Manhattan Contrarian

Please note that the cover story in the current issue of The Economist of London is titled "The World's Biggest Shakedown?  The Criminalisation Of American Business."  It is behind their pay wall, unfortunately, but I highly recommend it.  Note that this subject has been covered by the Manhattan Contrarian in articles on August 24, 2014, August 19, 2014, July 13, 2014, September 24, 2013, July 25, 2013, and July 1, 2013, among others.  My first article on the subject was in 1999 and published in the Federalist Society journal Engage. 

Glad to see at least someone else is starting to pay attention.  How about you, New York Times?  Prediction:  as loyal shills for the Democratic Party, they will get on the bandwagon only when it is a Republican occupying a high-level prosecutor's office and conducting an indefensible prosecution.