Halloween In Greenwich Village

Readers from outside New York may not be aware that Greenwich Village is ground zero for Halloween, certainly in New York and maybe in the universe.  The Gothamist website has a great collection of photos from the parade that took place in the neighborhood last Friday.  Here are a few examples:


The illuminated building spire visible in the first picture under the skeleton's right hand is the new One World Trade Center.  It's just over a mile away, and can be seen from most everywhere in the neighborhood.  Its first tenant (Conde Nast, publisher of magazines including Vogue, Glamour and The New Yorker) moved in and opened for business on Monday November 3.

A few blocks away from the parade at our place, we had approximately 500 trick-or-treaters, requiring multiple emergency runs for more candy.  Many neighbors decorated their buildings to look appropriately spooky. 

Overall, a great night to be in New York.