The Government Is Not Capable Of Being Apolitical - Part II

A few weeks ago, as the IRS scandal was getting going, I wrote a post titled "The Government Is Not Capable Of Being Apolitical," containing the following statement: 

The corollary is that there is no such thing as a neutral apolitical actor or agency in the government. All government personnel are part of the main project, spoken or unspoken, to grow the government and to attack or destroy its enemies. It's like the sun coming up in the east.

If you think that somehow the government consists of neutral, apolitical experts just doing their jobs, or if you even have any skepticism about my proposition, you might want to take a look at this article today from Robert Anderson of Pepperdine Law School.  Anderson has taken some time going through the Federal Election Commission database to compile some statistics about political contributions of lawyers working for various Federal agencies.  How about the IRS, for example:

The results for the IRS were striking. Of the IRS lawyers who made contributions in the 2012 election, 95% contributed to Obama rather than to Romney. So among IRS lawyers, the ratio of Obama contributors to Romney contributors was not merely 4-to-1 at previously reported, but more like 20-to-1. The ratio of funds to Obama was even more lopsided, with about 32 times as much money going to Obama as to Romney from IRS lawyers.

A chart attached to the post shows that Anderson identified some 40 IRS lawyers in the database as having contributed to one or the other presidential campaign during the 2012 cycle, of whom 38 contributed to Obama and 2 to Romney.  So is it any wonder that when President Obama gave his August 21, 2010 radio address warning of "attack ads run by shadowy groups with harmless-sounding names," his team of supporters at the IRS took that as their cue to go after the government's enemies?

Do you think that maybe the IRS is somewhat unique in this respect?  Don't kid yourself.  Many agencies are even more lopsided, if that's even possible.  For example, at the Department of Education, 47 lawyers contributed to Obama, and not a single one to Romney.  Same thing at the NLRB -- not a single contribution to Romney (and 44 to Obama).   Of 90 lawyers from the EPA identified in the study as making contributions, it was 86 to 4 for Obama.  The only Department or Agency under 70% for Obama is the Department of Defense at 68%.  Justice was at 83.95% for Obama.

I have no doubt whatsoever that every one of the Obama supporters (and probably some of the very few Romney supporters as well) is part of the "main project" -- growing the government and attacking or destroying its enemies.  Do you have any doubt?  On what basis?