Does It Really Count As Law Any More?

Steven Hayward at the Powerline blog has a picture today, released from the office of Mitch McConnell, of the regulations released so far under Obamacare piled up in a stack and wrapped in a bow.  The stack is a lot taller than you are. 

The problem of course is that it is physically impossible for the citizenry to read all this stuff and attempt to comply.  When we have reached that point, in what sense is it really "law" any more?  The concept of "law" only works to the extent it is reasonable to expect the citizens to be aware of what the law is and to live within it. 

Well, my two sentence understanding of Obamacare, which is about how much you can expect an informed citizen to have, is that the dumbest thing you could do is comply with it.  Supposedly, everyone is now going to be required to have health insurance.  Oh, but the health insurance is going to cost a lot more than the penalty for not having it.  Oh, and also, if you don't have it, you can just wait until you get sick and then buy it.  We might as well just declare 100% of all Americans to be lawbreakers.  It couldn't be more obvious that this is going to be a disaster.  The only question is whether it will crash and burn on Obama's watch, or whether he can escape in the great tradition of give-away-promising politicians everywhere and leave the disaster to his successor.