A Few Questions For Obama and Romney

I don't know who is going to win today's election (although I'm officially predicting Romney), so to hedge my bets I'm going to pose a few questions for each of the candidates.

For Obama:

Do you think that the Federal government has an infinite ability to borrow without causing damage to the country and the economy?

Does the President have any responsibility to contribute to operating the government in a financially responsible manner?

Are Federal entitlements as currently structured sustainable? If not, what is your plan to make them sustainable?  Are you going to do anything about this in your second term, or just have a huge blowout and leave the problem for the next guy?

Is the explosion of recipients of programs like food stamps and social security disability during your term OK?

Are you going to continue the war against energy?

And a few for Romney:

Are you going to stand up for free trade or are you going to keep bashing China?

When are you going to get specific about necessary spending cuts?

Are you going to work toward getting government spending in line with revenues, or do you think that deficits are a "stimulus" so the bigger the better no matter how wasteful the spending?