Hotel Lightbulbs

Here in Washington at the Federlist Society convention at the Mayflower hotel. It seems like a very nice hotel, but, like every other hotel I have stayed in for the past couple of years, the lighting is terrible. You turn on the lamp, and at first nothing happens; a second or two later, the light comes on with a pale, palid glow. You look under the shade. Sure enough, it's one of those squiggly compact fluorescents. 

So yet another person has been convinced that we can change the weather by changing our lightbulbs from ones that work to ones that don't work.  We may be annoying the customers, but at least we are saving the planet!  Not that anyone can actually articulate the causal mechanism by which non-functional lightbulbs can change the weather.  How did we get into the grip of this mass hysteria? 

Thankfully we don't allow these terrible lightbulbs into the Menton house. While they were still available, I went out and bought hundreds of incandescents. They should last until the Congress comes to its senses and makes them legal again.  

Meanwhile, not satisfied with merely ruining lighting, the administration is hard at work attempting to replace all energy that works with energy that doesn't work. Who needs 24/7 electricity when you can have electricity that goes on and off with the whims of the wind and the sun?  And as an added benefit it will be three or five times as expensive.

And we laugh at medieval people for thinking the earth was flat.