How To Buy An Election

New report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on food stamp usage for July. By just some coincidence, the report would normally have come out just before the election, but was delayed to just after the election.   Here's a report from ZeroHedge.

Check out this chart of food stamp usage during the Obama administration and monthly changes.

Food stamp usage was at about 31 million in January2009 when Barack Obama assumed office.  Now its 47.1 million. The explosion has slowed some in the past year, but how about that increase of over 400,000 in July, the most recent month reported?  Can't wait to see what September and October look like. 

Do you think that the 16 million or so additional food stamp recipients during Obama's time were more or less likely to vote for him after joining the hand-out state?  Also, if the economy is improving, shouldn't the number be going down,in fact dramatically down?